Big Pile Of Wood Chips

In my area, it is very hard to get free wood chips. There is only a few tree lopping companies in my area and they hoard wood chips. You can see giant piles multi story high and as you drive past you can smell it.

The only way can get it is if you pay for it. It’s roughly $300 per 10 cubic meter and 10 cubic meter(35 cubic ft?) is a drop in a bucket in regards to my requirement. That means buying it is prohibitively expensive and buying it is a no go.

So I put an ad on Gumtree looking for free wood chips and waited and waited. 2 years later I finally got a call from not 1 but two companies.

This pile was over 1 meter tall. I have used it all and it was replenished and now it is almost all used again.

After the piles arrived I finally started my Back To Eden Garden.

This pile was almost 2 meters tall. It has since shrunk a bit.

I think the above photo is about 8 truck loads worth of wood chips. I don’t know how much that it is in cubic meters.. LOL. It will take a few months of work to level this pile.