Sugar Cane

Originally I got bamboo for food, fencing, and mulching but I have found out sugar cane can do almost the same thing. Bamboo is a lot of work compared to sugar cane. Bamboo is:

  • harder to source, everyone wants to charge you an arm and a leg.
  • Its harder to dig up. People usually grow it against a fence or wall and you have to be careful not to damage it.
  • Bamboo is difficult to transport if you have a small car.
  • takes longer to re-establish
  • takes longer to get edible shoots.

I don’t know what variety of sugar cane I got. I bought it locally from an elderly lady. It looked really nice aesthetically(purple/pink and very straight) and tasted quite nice too. She cut it down for me and into halves for me. I threw it into my hatch-back and drove off. If it were bamboo I would have been there for another for another 4 hours.

I ate the cane and left the joints. The joints were stuck into pots and watered. They sprouted very quickly.

These sugar cane segments were planted roughly 3 weeks ago in the middle of winter. In another 2 weeks I will put them into the ground

For the most part, these canes will be planted to create a natural fence to segment bits of the land and of course for juicing.