Why I’m using the Back to Eden Method

Why I chose the Back to Eden Method.

  1. Weed control. This would have to be the number one consideration. I just don’t have the time to mow. During summer, I have to mow at least once a week; it’s just a big waste of time and money. If the lawn is unchecked, quickly becomes a jungle.

    Laying mulch too consumes a lot of time(mowing the grass, laying newspaper, wheel barrowing and laying the mulch) but I think I’ll only have to top up once every 6 months or so.

    Where the weeds meets the mulch. Currently it is winter and the weeds aren’t so bad but come summer the weeds can be head height and extremely dense. Who knows what snakes can be lurking in there.


  2. Water conservation and keeping plants alive. When I first moved here, I planted a lot of fruit trees. I would wheel barrow(big waste of energy and time) water around and water them. It was ok during winter and spring but when summer arrived my plants suffered or died. It was too hot, too dry and I have crappy sandy soil. I quickly had to pull out the survivors and re-pot them. But now I water them a bit(or not at all) at the start and let them go and they would survive and thrive.
    A lemon grass stalk I just pushed into the ground. I didn’t think it would take because it’s winter but it established itself very quickly with 2 green shoots.

    There are a few other reasons but these are the main 2 that are relevant to me. Once my garden becomes established, the other reasons will come to the fore.